Hope in 3D

With so much craziness and uncertainty in the world, God gives us so much hope in the book of Colossians that almost seems too good to be true. That is because, with the naked eye we don’t see the world correctly. We need the corrective lenses of faith. We want to grow in seeing life through the 3D glasses of faith. We will begin this journey in Colossians September 27th.

Our church is all about Jesus, each other, and Denver! Imagine if all the Christians in Denver were united and using our gifts and talents in Denver? What if we were all of one mind for meeting needs and sharing the love of Jesus in Denver? If you are looking to grow in hope and faith, and be a part of a movement for Jesus in Denver, we would love for you to join us.

Here is the “Hope in 3D” sermon page. Here is more on our church. For any other questions call/text Zach at 319-229-0107 or zach.dbc@gmail.com