Cultivating Culture

I am excited that this fall our focus is going to be Cultivating Culture: Impacting Denver for the Kingdom of God! Our sermon series will be about this. Our Small groups/Sunday school and Wednesday night program will also have this focus.

It is far from a consensus among Christians on what the Church’s relationship to culture should be or look like. Many take the approach of distancing themselves as much as possible from culture, like putting on rubber gloves and not touching it at all!

Others take the approach of trying to copy culture, and trying to be as close to culture as one possibly can while still remaining Christian. This is demonstrated by the shirt below.

The problem with both of those approaches is that neither actually engage with culture. We were made in the image of God, meaning we are to reflect God. God created. God fashioned. In creation, God overcame darkness with light. God overcame the void, meaninglessness and chaos (of the waters) with fruitful land. God is a mover and a shaker! So, I am taking an approach similar to guys like, Francis Schaeffer, and, Andy Crouch, who say that since we are the Image of God, we should be on the front lines of culture. We should be impacting culture. We should even be a part of creating culture.

This is exciting to me. We have an opportunity, empowered by the Spirit, to cultivate culture and impact Denver and the culture around us for the Kingdom of God. So for those of you already a part of DBC, pray for this year that we do actually engage in cultivating the culture in Denver. If you are looking for a church home in Denver, we would love to have you come and be a part of this!