Prayer and Upcoming Events

Prayer Requests

The Lost

  • Pray for the lost in your family, school/ job, neighborhood and community.
  • Pray for specific people to be born again, disciples, and to lead others to faith and make disciples.
  • Pray for possible church plants in our area.


  • Elliana continues to do well, but still has a bit of pneumonia.
  • Karen’s Dad’s ongoing battle with prostate cancer.
  • The celebration of life for Mike’s dad went really well this past week.
  • Karen asked for prayer for her family’s relationships.
  • Skinner’s friend, Kevin Dillman, needs a kidney transplant.
  • They have an unspoken prayer request and also pray for healing and for trials they are facing.
  • Micah is planning to transition to North Carolina for a new job in mid-August. Micah’s test on his spleen came back well but he still has pain.
  • Skinner’s niece, Erica, is home recovering well and the baby seems to be ok. Pray also for Karen’s parents as they are helping Erica with her kids.


  • Their son, Scott’s shoulder is doing better, still painful. He is going to get a Cortisone shot.
  • Sandra’s brother-in-law, Gerry, his numbers were up a bit, but the doctors say he doesn’t have long to live.
  • Sue B’s (worked with Sandra) son-in-law, Kyle, with all the terrible headaches is still having lots of intense headaches.
  • Pray for Jim and Char’s ongoing battle with cancer. Their next appointment is the 12th.
  • Their friend, Shannon, who had sepsis in her system is still not speaking but can text. She is making headway, but needs patience.
  • Their grandson, Matthew, grew taller and gained some weight!
  • Sandra’s brother has an aneurysm that they are keeping a close eye on.
  • Sandra’s friend, Myra, had some major stomach issues.


  • Carolyn’s dad who is 95 and still living at home and continues to do well.
  • Carolyn’s former co-worker, Todd, has a rare eye disease.


  • Time of refreshing for students, teachers and administration
  • That the administration makes good decisions for the fall.
  • New School


  • Pray for Sky’s extended family.
  • Sky’s dad’s Huntington’s disease is still getting worse.

Other Prayer

  • Judy Sylvester’s niece is doing well and back to work!
  • Mark Widdel has severe arthritis in his tibia. Pray for the pain to go away.
  • Please pray for Jacque’s cousin, Briggs. He is 5 years old and received braces for his legs. Pray this goes well for him and his mom and dad. Update: Things are going really well right now. Pray this continues!
  • Pray for Patty’s health. The latest is that they are exploring issues with her diaphragm.
  • The Cooper’s extended family (on both sides) have ongoing issues.
  • Jaxon Hansen, and his ongoing recovery.
  • Keep praying for Maurice’s leg and their situation in Canada.
  • Nadien’s tumor shrank, but also that there is a new tumor in her brain. You can read more here.
  • Pray for the Brooks with the ongoing transition with Max and Ben.
  • Oltrogge’s friend, Jim, has pancreatic cancer that has spread and is causing trouble.

DBC and Community Upcoming Events

  • June 10 – Meeting for volunteers for VBS @ 7:00pm at the church building.
  • Sunday June 13th at 11:30 – Church Cook out at Cyclone City
  • Summer VBS will be July 11-15.
  • August 15: Combined Baptism service with our sister churches in Waverly.

Answered Prayers in 2021

  • Praise: Andrew finished his paper for his Master’s!
  • Serenity was released from the hospital on Friday. She is returning to school on 5/5.
  • Nate Bergland’s new medication seems to be working with no side effects to speak of.
  • (This was right at then end of 2020) Suellyn’s spot on her kidneys was given zero% chance of growing by Mayo. And even if it does, they would be able to remove it fairly easily.
  • Mike Skinner’s neck surgery went really well!
  • Patty’s granddaughter, Shelby, and her newborn baby, Riley, were found after they had been missing for a few days. They were ok!
  • Mike Skinner’s dad, Dale, came to know Jesus before he died!
  • The Liverance’s house burned down. But it only took God 31 hours from the time of the fire to provide a sufficiently furnished apartment.