Prayer and Upcoming Events

Prayer Requests

The Lost

  • Pray for the lost in your family, school/ job, neighborhood and community.
  • Pray for specific people to be born again, disciples, and to lead others to faith and make disciples.
  • Pray for possible church plants in our area.


  • Mike has been experiencing lots of pain and tightness in his neck and shoulder the last few days. He has a doctors appointment today (Jan 20th). The incision and everything else is doing well.
  • The Skinner’s cousin’s husband, Monty, is off the ventilator and doing better.
  • The latest update on Elliana: She is still doing ok right now.
  • Karen’s Dad is having issues with his prostate and kidneys. He has stage 4 cancer.
  • Mike’s dad, Dale, continues to struggle with depression and other physical struggles.
  • Anthony and Kimmey, who have struggled to have children, are pregnant. Placenta is thin but everything else seems ok.
  • Skinner’s friend, Kevin Dillman, is still waiting for a kidney transplant.
  • Praise: Karen’s niece, Sheena, who has struggled to get pregnant, has conceived and is having to quarantine to keep the pregnancy healthy.
  • Karen’s niece, Kayla, asked for prayer for a 32 year old, pregnant woman who is in a coma with COVID.
  • They have an unspoken prayer request and also pray for healing.
  • Andrew asked for prayers for strength to live out proper priorities between family and work.
  • Pray for Mike and Karen for Godly wisdom to navigate through trials they are having.


  • Sandra’s sister had an MRI on her back. She finally got her injection and has some relief with that.
  • Their grandson, Matthew, grew a 1/4 of an inch. He was so excited! He can officially go on amusement park rides when we are able to again!
  • Sandra’s brother-in-law, Gerry is still with us. He’s restricted on what he can do. He is taking meds, but doesn’t want to do any other treatments. Pray for his wife Linda and for God’s leading and healing. He goes back in March to have some blood work done.
  • Sue B’s (worked with Sandra) son in law, Kyle, still has a lot of pain in his head. Pain is a bit better but hey still don’t know the cause.
  • Pray for Jim and Char’s ongoing battle with cancer.


  • Carolyn’s dad who is 95 and still living at home.
  • Carolyn’s former co-worker, Todd, has a rare eye disease. He started new medicine and it is working. Please pray for healing.


  • Pray for the administration during this time with school being back in session.
  • Teachers/administration
  • Pray for our church to be a gospel and kingdom blessing to the school.


  • Pray for Sky’s extended family.
  • Sky’s dad’s Huntington’s disease is still getting worse.
  • Nate is going to begin new medications for Crohn’s disease. The last one didn’t do so well. This new one seems to be doing really good.


  • Teddy’s brother-in- law, Dennis, is home!
  • Mark Widdel has severe arthritis in his tibia. Pray for the pain to go away.

Other Prayer

  • The Cooper’s extended family (on both sides) have ongoing issues.
  • Jaxon Hanson is getting special treatment in Florida until Mid February. Pray this all goes well.
  • Maurice’s leg is doing much better, still has a long ways to go.
  • Nadien’s tumor shrank, but also that there is a new tumor in her brain. You can read more here.
  • Pray for the Brooks with the ongoing transition with Max and Ben.
  • Oltrogge’s friend, Jim, has pancreatic cancer that has spread and is causing trouble.
  • Zach’s dad is doing as well as he can. He will get a permanent rod in his leg sometime in February or March.
  • Cara’s brother-in-law’s (Rodney) brother (Bernie) died after having a heart attack.

DBC and Community Upcoming Events

  • We have things on hold. We are hoping to get things going again soon! Stay tuned.

Answered Prayers in 2021

  • (This was right at then end of 2020) Suellyn’s spot on her kidneys was given zero% chance of growing by Mayo. And even if it does, they would be able to remove it fairly easily.
  • Mike Skinner’s neck surgery went really well!
  • Patty’s Grandaughter, Shelby, and her newborn baby, Reily, were found after being missing a few days. They were ok!