Prayer and Upcoming Events

Prayer Requests

The Lost

  • Pray for the lost in your family, school/ job, neighborhood and community.
  • Pray for specific people to be born again, disciples, and to lead others to faith and make disciples.
  • Pray for possible church plants in our area.


  • The latest update on Elliana: She is back in the hospital.
  • Pray for Joy. She is doing well. She will have a test coming up this weekend for her heart.
  • Karen’s Dad was diagnosed with advanced but slow progressing prostate cancer. He is still doing well and they plan to go to Florida early.
  • Pray for the family of Baby Kymora who was in the NICU with Elliana. She passed away this past week.
  • Mike’s dad continues to do ok. His medications have been changed. He is still on his own.
  • Anthony and Kimmey, who were struggling to have a child, are expecting but her placenta is thin. Pray she can go full term. Update: They are doing well so far.
  • Skinner’s friend, Kevin Dillman, is still waiting for a kidney transplant.
  • Matt’s wife, Joy’s dad, is on dialysis and hoping to get a kidney transplant within a year.
  • Praise: Karen’s niece is pregnant. They have struggled with much loss in the past, so this is a huge praise. Pray that things go well for them.
  • Please pray for Jerry. He is the dad of some good friends of Skinners. He is battling COVID. He was just placed in intensive care.


  • Pray for more physical growth for their grandson, Matthew.
  • Sandra’s brother-in-law, Jerry is refusing treatments. Pray for his wife Linda and for God’s leading and healing.
  • Sue B’s (worked with Sandra) son in law, Kyle, has terrible pain in his head. Doctors have not been able to figure out what is wrong yet.
  • Jim and Char go back soon for PET scans soon. Jim has to take a lot of steroids, which can cause issues with his diabetes. Please pray for them.


  • Carolyn’s dad just turned 95 and still living at home.
  • Carolyn’s former co-worker, Todd, has a rare eye disease. He started new medicine and it is working. Please pray for healing.


  • Pray for the administration during this time with school being back in session.
  • The bond for stage 2 of the new school passed, pray for the school/Nick H. as the endeavor to build the new building!
  • Teachers/administration
  • Pray for our church to be a gospel and kingdom blessing to the school.


  • Pray for Sky’s extended family.
  • Sky’s dad’s Huntington’s disease is still getting worse.
  • Nate is going to begin new medications for Crohn’s disease. The last one didn’t do so well. This new one seems to be doing really good.

Other Prayer

  • Judy Ferron’s mom is nearing the end of life and is receiving hospice care.
  • The Cooper’s extended family (on both sides) have ongoing issues.
  • Lori Tapke’s test came back fine, she is feeling much better.
  • Suellyn has a spot on her kidneys. Her next appointment is October 19th.
  • Mark Widdel has severe arthritis in his tibia. Pray for the pain to go away.
  • Praise: Jaxon Hanson is home! (Jaxon is the nephew of Andrea Johnson and Holly Mathias. He was in a diving accident)
  • Pray for Patty and her extended family. There is just a lot of stuff going on right now!
  • Please pray for Maurice’s leg, which seems to be getting better with a special honey!
  • Nadine’s tumor has grown a little. Here is her latest Caringbridge post.
  • Pray for the Brooks with the ongoing transition with Max and Ben.
  • Thelma is sleeping better, but still has lots of back pain. She still has Asthma and COPD, along with a lot of back pain.

DBC and Community Upcoming Events

  • Men’s Group – Thurs.,at 5:30am in the church basement or via Zoom.
  • Women’s Group

Answered Prayers in 2020

  • Praise: Sarah didn’t have a pulmonary embolism.
  • Sarah and Matt had their baby, Carter Kai Bennett.
  • Madison Neisen was able to have a virtual pinning for her nursing degree. Not exactly how they wanted it to go, but she did receive it.
  • Stacy (Teddy’s daughter’s mother-in-law) is recovering from breast cancer. Update: She is doing well.
  • Candace Yount’s boss fell and broke her elbow. She is elderly and lives alone. Update: She is back to work on light duty!
  • Tori Schroeder, who is a part of our middle school youth group, had foot surgery January 15th. She still has a ways to go for recovery. Update: She is out of her boot! She is very happy about this.
  • Karrie’s dad has Barrett’s disease. Update: He is doing much better after adjusting some meds so he has an appetite again.
  • Michaela’s friend, Brad Wilson, is cancer free, but has to wear a colostomy bag the rest of his life, but is adjusting well.
  • Huge Praise: Russ’s brother, Jim, is cancer-free! He will be taking a pill for a while to try keep the cancer away. Jim’s Wife, Char, is also doing well!
  • Mike Skinner’s dad found out he does NOT have cancer after being told a while ago that he did!
  • Officer Matt got a new job in the Minneapolis area.
  • Elliana came home!
  • Jaxon Hansen came home!